Our Process

Quality aligned with functionality is our first priority. The way of the future is a home that’s integrated with technology and self-sufficient with minimal carbon footprint. Utilizing the newest materials and building techniques, we strive to redefine today’s building code.






We provide a free initial consultation to discuss proposed building plans or ideas that we can take to our architect. We like to establish approximate range of value from the early going to make sure it’s suitable to our clients needs. We openly discuss expectations including project scope; anticipated timelines; desired ascetic and level of finishing detail.


Building plans takes shape with our architect (or yours) working out designs and specifications of the home to develop a builders schedule that details everything that’s included in the contract. The architect will require a deposit before plans commence.


Once a plan is agreed upon and an agreement is signed, we handle the process from start to finish. We will be responsible for applying for building permits, insurance, WSIB, site management & cleanup. We feel open communication with our clients is imperative along the way with weekly progress updates to keep you in the loop.


Upon completion we prepare the home for final cleaning and schedule our Tarion Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) with an associate from SGC Modern Homes Inc. We pride ourselves in our commitment to your satisfaction, following up periodically to ensure you’re happy with your new home.